Have you ever been stuck indoors when you don't want to be? Would you like to alleviate this frustration for an older person?

Organisation VCKC 15 provide volunteers to help groups of their clients get out and about, be it for a trip to the shops, social outings or visits to appointments. This helps to maintain a sense of independence and interaction with the community.

So if you are sociable and have an empathy with older people you could add to the quality of these outings as an escort by interacting in a friendly and sensitive way with the users. An employee of Organisation VCKC 15 will also accompany the trips.

About Age UK Kensington & Chelsea

Independence, dignity and choice are the fundamental rights of all people. Age UK help older people in the borough to maintain and enhance these rights by providing a variety of specific services.Social visits from a volunteer, help with practical assistance in the home or garden, or escorting outside the home are staple services, but there is always a variety of other projects and services underway.Age UK Kensington & Chelsea are a highly respected organization and have won various awards for their work.

Times you can volunteer