Update on Kensington & Chelsea Coronavirus Cases

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You may have seen media reports over the last few days about the number of Coronavirus cases in different parts of the country and a possible threat of a lockdown. 


Kensington and Chelsea has been mentioned because we are one of 36 areas that saw a small rise in cases in the last few weeks. There were 20 cases over the last two weeks. As you can see the numbers are small and our current rate is 14/100,000 (putting us 57th in the country and third in London) – for comparison Leicester is 135 per 100,000.


The numbers reported through the Test and Trace service this week are quite small, almost one a day. The cases are well scattered geographically in the borough, with no apparent clustering.


We continue to monitor these figures on a daily basis and check for any potential clusters. It is however very important that we all encourage our residents and communities to observe 2m social distancing whenever possible, wear face coverings on public transport and in busy places and wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.


How Coronavirus cases are published


The Government split figures on Coronavirus cases into Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.


Pillar 1 refers to those in hospitals and care homes, plus heath care workers. This is also the figure that has been given by the Government (and councils) as the number of cases.


Pillar 2 refers to everyone else, including mobile testing and home testing.  This information is also broken down by postcode and has not been made public up until now. Matt Hancock has agreed that as of Thursday 2 July 2020 the Pillar 2 figures will be released as well in the case numbers.


We have been receiving both sets of figures since early May. 


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