Elena Zeniou

Head of Core Services


What is fascinating about working with people, is constantly being pleasantly impressed by the innate capacity for kindness and empathy.

I recently joined the team, supporting the Stepping Stones project in it’s great mission to make volunteering accessible to all. Having worked for a range of health organisations in the voluntary and private sector the last 6 years, has given me great tools and fuel that has made me passionate about equality and inclusion. I have experience in a wide range of subjects from mental health and the criminal justice system, to activity coordination for people with sensory difficulties and peer mentoring. My experiences have provided me with a good understanding of the great benefits of volunteering; as as a volunteer for organisations such as Age UK and Daisy Chain, and thorough managing many teams of volunteers such as Appropriate Adults, Outreach volunteers and Recovery Champions, I have been fortunate to meet many inspirational people that come together for the better of their communities.

 Being surrounded by a very skilled team, and with many people coming through the doors looking for ways to help their community, I feel privileged to be part of the VCKC movement.