London Bridge Train Station Collections
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

Volunteers will help staff collect spare change from people at the London Bridge Train Station for about 4 hours during the day.

About World Child Cancer: treating children with cancer worldwide

MISSION STATEMENT World Child Cancer's vision is to see a world where every child with cancer has access to the best possible treatment and care. Our mission is to redress the global inequality in child cancer care by improving cancer diagnosis, treatment and care for children across the developing world. World Child Cancer treat children with cancer who are not fortunate enough to live in the developed world. Where treatment isn't possible, we provide effective pain relief.We do this by twinning our network of international hospitals and volunteer specialists with teams on the ground in our projects. The great thing about this is, not only do we provide access to expert treatment, we also help build local knowledge and sustainability.

Times you can volunteer

Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings