Social Media & IT Support Volunteer
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

The National migraine Centre is a unique medical charity that diagnoses and treats people with debilitating migraines and headaches. We wish to develop and drive our Social Media campaign verifying the most appropriate channels, driving activity and improving integration with the web site providers. We are looking for someone with reasonably high level technical skills but able to work with others with a diversity of technical expertise.We require someone familiar with the digital world /IT and WordPress in particular with The ability to use / understand / write the underlying programming code eg html - behind the normal customer accessible options. The ability to quickly learn to use this package, able to add / restructure pages, add and edit video downloads etc. The person must be comfortable working with graduate level administrative staff and advanced clinicians (doctors). We are patient focused and care empathy and confidentially are critical.
If the person has experienced migraine, so much the better!

About National Migraine Centre

As a specialised clinic we have acquired a substantial body of knowledge over the years; knowledge that is constantly evolving. Some of this comes from being a research centre, but most of it comes from the patients we see. Not only do the results of our research feed directly into our clinical care; the information from our patients also feeds directly into our research.

Times you can volunteer

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