Research & Campaigns Officer
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

The purpose of the role is co-ordinate, promote and be involved in all research and campaign activities in the bureau.

Main duties and responsibilities include:
>Provide support and guidance to advisers on research & campaign work
>Help advisers to identify suitable cases for research & campaign work.
>Check completed Bureau Evidence Forms.
>Give feedback to advisers and managers on completed Bureau Evidence Forms.
>Complete Bureau Evidence Forms from advisers' Quick Evidence Forms.
>Submit completed Bureau Evidence Forms to Citizens Advice.
>Keep up to date with research & campaign issues
>Monitor trends in bureau enquiries, to identify issues for potential local or national research & campaign work.
>Monitor the research & campaign Bulletin, Citizens Advice and other publications and newsletters.
>Network with other people involved in research & campaign work within Citizens Advice, locally, regionally and nationally.
>network with other local groups and agencies involved in research & campaign work.
>Maintain the profile of research & campaigns within the bureau
>Report on research & campaign issues at workers' meetings.
>Promote discussion on research issues and campaigns.
>Contribute to the bureau's annual report.
>Make a regular oral or written report to the bureau management team.
>make a regular oral or written report to the Trustee Board.
>Involve advisers in appropriate social policy activities.
>Act as main contact on research & campaign issues for bureau trainees.
>Provide one-to-one coaching on social policy issues for advisers, as required.
>Run small group sessions for bureau staff on aspects of research & campaigns.
>Report to managers on individual and team learning needs in relation to research & campaign work.
>Contribute to effective social policy work within the bureau
>review the effectiveness of existing social policy work.
>review the priorities for research & campaign work within the bureau.
>evaluate bureau

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