Brompton Oral History Volunteers
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

We are looking for volunteers interested in the stories of Brompton Cemetery as part of the Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project. We've spent the past year researching some of the 205,000 people buried in Brompton Cemetery, producing a list of notable highlights, and now wish to explore the living memory of the cemetery, through the ‘Life and Times of Brompton Cemetery’ oral history project.
We invite interested volunteers to work with professional Oral Historians from On the Record, to capture living memories of Brompton Cemetery. This will involve asking people who have been visiting for years - including LGBTQ groups, families, the ‘Friends of Brompton Cemetery’, wildlife lovers and community groups - about their subjective experiences. We’ll cover changes to the site, the diverse uses of the cemetery over the years and impressions about the future of the cemetery, and other topics decided by the volunteer team. We will be using industry standard audio recording equipment to conduct these oral history interviews with cemetery visitors, past and present.
This opportunity will involve:
- Developing your historical research and media skills.
- Learning about a unique Victorian site.
- Attending participatory training in the method, value, ethics and practicalities of recording oral history interviews to British heritage industry standard on Saturday 10th March and Saturday 7th April.
- Preparing for and recording oral history interviews at a time that is convenient for the interviewee.
- Summarising and archiving oral history interviews (with training and support).

About Royal Parks - K&C

Brompton Cemetery, consecrated by the Bishop of London in June 1840, is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries. The cemetery is Grade I Listed on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.
The Friends of Brompton Cemetery work to preserve this remarkable site as a model of an historic cemetery with an active role in modern society. We help to restore and maintain the cemetery’s buildings, monuments and landscape, and encourage their full use by those sympathetic to the importance, beauty, heritage and fragility of this significant cemetery. We offer visitors Sunday afternoon tours, guidebooks, maps and postcards.

Times you can volunteer

Saturday: Mornings, Afternoons

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