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Could you be a mentor to our Women’s Group? A number of the women we work with have difficulty with expressing themselves that are elementary for functioning in British society. Their spoken English can be very poor and they may have basic computer knowledge and may have very low self-confidence.
We are recruiting volunteers to meet regularly with our clients in order to get them out of their houses, and to learn important social skills. This could be meeting them for a coffee and a chat once a week or once a fortnight, or helping them with IT on our office computers. It could be other things too, if a client wanted help with something in particular. The mentoring will happen at a time and place agreeable to the mentor and mentee.

About Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Group - Kensington and Chelsea

The Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Group is a user-led organisation. We are the only BAMER women’s organisation working in this area, therefore our services are vital for women from these communities. Our aim is to support Ethiopian and other refugee women to enable them to access health and social services, housing, education and employment opportunities so that they play an active role in UK society.
We empower them to access existing opportunities by providing information, individual advocacy, language interpretation, matching the women with trained volunteer mentors and facilitating group work to combat isolation.
Our services help them to gain independence, education and employment, and access to mainstream services.

Times you can volunteer

Monday: Mornings

Tuesday: Evenings

Wednesday: Afternoons


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