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Thinking about becoming a trustee?

Thinking about becoming a trustee?

Then get on board for K&C

Being a trustee a responsible position with big rewards for both you and the charity.Volunteer Kensington & Chelsea and Kensington & Chelsea Social Council are working in partnership on a new project called 'Get on Board'.

As part of the project, we will be;

  • Recruiting trustees through various events
  • Offering a chance for you to visit local charities in your area and find out what they do
  • Providing training to new and exisiting trustees as well as an annual conference and seminars
  • Providing a trustee network of support

Take a look at our current vacancies. To register your interest or find out more about the project please contact Andrew Croxford at

Why become a trustee?  

Trusteeship can be a thrilling experience, working together in partnership with others who have shared beliefs, values, and commitment to achieve a common goal. By joining a board, you are at the centre of the action. But trusteeship can also be about your own development as a person: learning new, diverse skills and new ways of working.

Help your community

 You will be helping to ensure the services the charity provides meet the needs of the people they are serving. It’s a chance to give something back & serve the community.

You can put your skills and experience to good use

Trustee boards need all kinds of skills to govern effectively and it is valuable to have people from different backgrounds on a board to bring in different perspectives. Being a trustee will give you the chance to bring your experience to the table, whether it’s professional or life experience, and put your skills and experience to good use. Some charities are looking for professional skills such as in the legal field or finance but many are simply looking for people that are committed and enthusiastic about the cause of the charity and good team players.

You are at the centre of the action

You will be helping to decide things which matter; making sure the organisation achieves its aims. It’s about working together for a common aim and being ultimately responsible for what goes on, including taking financial and employment responsibility.

 You can learn new skills and new confidence

Learn new skills in a range of areas, from finance management to team working and supervisory skills to developing self-awareness and empathy with others. You can also keep up to date with current issues, legal and fundraising requirements, and requirements of statutory bodies and so on. It’s also a chance to gain experience of decision-making at the highest level and broaden your horizons by coming into contact with new people and unfamiliar situations.

 How much time will it take up?

Trustees must be prepared to give the necessary time for:

  • Reading board papers
  • Attending the board meetings (usually evenings every six weeks or so depending on the charity)
  • Keeping informed about the organisation's activities.


This generally does not amount to more than a few hours a month. Once you have found a placement, the Get on Board Team will be on hand to give training and advice at a convenient time to you!

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