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The Resettlement Scheme

The Resettlement Scheme

Ever thought about involving prisoners in your organisation?

The Resettlement Scheme can give you advice and guidance around the issues of involving excluded groups in your teams, as well as providing relevant policies and procedures.

All participants on the Volunteer Centre's Resettlement Scheme pass through a rigorous risk assessment process before being referred to the centre.

We also stay in touch with both you and the participant throughout the length of the placement - on-hand to deal with day to day issues such as extensions or changes to licence days or times and requests for new participants.

Prisoners are nominated to participate in the Resettlement Scheme
through a number of different channels. These can include:

  • Wing Officers
  • Principal Officers
  • Senior Officers
  • Governors
  • HMP Resettlement Team
  • HMP Education Team
  • Prison-based external agencies

The prisoner then moves through a number of stages within the prison before undergoing a formal risk assessment.These initial stages form a preliminary assessment, during which regular progress reports are gathered.

A prisoner can be removed from the process at any stage - reverting back to their normal sentence plan - if their performance or behaviour is unsatisfactory. Offenders with certain convictions are barred from participation. Those convictions include any of a sexual offence, arson, or any offence of an overtly violent nature.
Once on the scheme a participant can volunteer up to 5 days a week for an initial period of 6 weeks - at the end of the six week period, the placement can be extended by the Resettlement Scheme Manager if appropriate. Travelling time is granted as part of the licence, enabling them to be at the placement for up to 7 hours a day.

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