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See what our partners think

See what our partners think

Work Directions has been working in partnership with the New Opportunities Team at the Volunteer Centre for several years.  They are one of the leading welfare-to-work providers in the UK, delivering Government-funded employment programmes to over 98,000 clients.

Nathalie, Contract Coordinator, Work Directions

“We work with five different service providers but particularly enjoy the good working relationship we have with the Volunteer Centre. We also highly value the New Opportunities Team’s focus on providing good quality placements.

The VC doesn't just send volunteers on a programme but supports and takes care of each of them individually all the way through the process. They offer great opportunities too.

Jane is a perfect example of the way the New Opportunities Team have been able to help our clients.

Jane had a very difficult life living with an abusive husband. With the help of different government agencies she managed to escape, with her four children, to safety. Jane decided enough is enough; she wanted to take back control of her life and the only way she could do that was to have financial stability. So, she went to her local Job Centre, urging them to help her to find employment. They placed her with Work Directions, and we referred her to the Volunteer Centre, where she was placed in a school as a Teacher's Assistant.

Jane attended her placement and one-to-one appointments with the Volunteer Centre. She did very well, applying for 5 jobs per week, and getting about one interview per week. She was offered 4 jobs, which unfortunately she turned down due to personal fear for the safety of herself and her children. But she kept on applying for jobs with various organisations that could accommodate her special circumstances, including schools.

She was invited to attend interviews at two schools. For the first time whilst on the programme, Jane was unsuccessful with both interviews. A day or so later, still feeling depressed about the outcomes, Jane received a call from one of the schools she attended for an interview, asking her if she was still interested in the job. She said yes and is due to start in a month's time!

Launched in late 2002, Work Directions is now one of the leading welfare-to-work providers in the UK, delivering Government-funded employment programmes across London, Birmingham, Nottinghamshire and Edinburgh. In December 2007, they launched Pathways to Work programmes that supports over 98,000 clients.

Pathways to Work is a 16-week programme starting with an advice period, providing one-to-one ongoing support and ending with a 30-hour intensive activity period which involves a volunteer placement to get clients back into a work environment.